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We stand for using natural energy resources, which are solar and wind energy

Quality of work
Speed of work
Innovative ideas

100+ people engaged

We are happy that more and more people all over the world join us and our movement for saving our nature and our planet!

35 nominated projects

Every month we strive to organize a new project, which will engage more people to our campaigns, and help save the nature.

205 completed projects

Thanks to our devoted team members and volunteers we managed to raise a great sum of money on our ecological purposes.

We bring the changes you want to see

We engage more people to our projects and activity to spread a word about our organization. We stand for expanding our activity all over the world to protect our planet.

We constantly work on promoting our projects and to engaging more people to them. We believe that our strength is in our cohesion and our joint efforts.

Nowadays technogenic world harms a lot to our planet. We work on minimization of its influence and hope we can save our nature for centuries.

We value every person and strive to help everyone in need. There are millions of people struggling from hunger, diseases and military actions. We put efforts to help them.

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